How to establish a NEW Dare 2 Be Different Branch on your continent or get your Organization to Fall Under Our Ministry

1. Your team must consist of at least FOUR (4) Born Again, Christians willing to abide by our statement of belief on (One of which must have solid leadership skills)

2. Apply via email: with 3 references for the LEADER and 2 references each for the 3 other key partners. We need their contact information to reach them. Since our MOTHER  OFFICE is located in St. Kitts and not necessarily in your particular island, kindly note that we will conduct as much due diligence about all APPLICANT  MEMBERS, their your former ministries, their lifestyle and behaviour before any such approval is granted. We don't expect people to be PERFECT, so don't worry about past mistakes. Just ensure you are not living in sin. All God needs is availability.

Dare 2 Be Different International believes that you do not need an army to make an impact. A four member team, which included 26 year old Khrystus Wallace, President, 23 year old Lemercius Wallace, Music and Technical Director, 24 year old Kerese Dias, Dance & Finance Director and 22 year old Joy Codrington, Drama & Marketing Director took the ministry past its 4 year mark. 2008-2012.

The team put their Youth Ideas together and worked on following their leader's vision to establish and advance the ministry.

We Want to Establish as many ACTIVE, AGRESSIVE, UNCOMPROMISING, YOUTH CARING, GOD-FILLED Dare 2 Be Different Youth Groups and Victory Centre Churches Around The World and you can help once you contact us.

After approval, all that is required is that:

1. You follow Worldwide Dare 2 Be Different International Planned events set by FATHER OFFICE  in St. Kitts that are scheduled to happen on the same day by all our SON CENTRES across the globe.

2. 10% of all income be forwarded on a monthly basis to FATHER OFFICE in St. Kitts to assist with the development and implementation of new global ideas, pay for website hosting, streaming accounts and other fees and support as backup capital for our Global Branches.

3. Send monthly detailed reports including financials, detailing ALL  HAPPENINGS , pictures etc, so our FATHER OFFICE can update all ministry websites around the world once we are hosting them

4. Represent CHRIST, offer the message of HOPE  FOR  ALL and turn away NO ONE, and try your best to live a life that is in order and where you slip, you get back up again and continue. NEVER  GIVE  UP.

5. Follow and live up to our Doctrinal and Spiritual Standards and fully abide by our General Victory Centre Church / Ministry Constitution.

6. Get Incorporated to be recognized as a reputable Charitable Organization in your country.

7. Use our Printing Centres in St. Kitts / USA (unless otherwise authorized) to produce at cost price (t-shirts, polos, oxfords, banners, signs, pens, pencils, tracks, etc etc)

8. Use our Dare 2 Be Different International / Victory Centre Logos on the outside of your church, on letterheads, printed material etc (depending on the ministry you are approved for so that you represent our LABEL well around the world.

9. All ordinations must be approved by FATHER  OFFICE in St. Kitts and a virtual interview conducted. ALL such dates of services must be first communicated with the same office to see if a representative can attend or a virtual service can be carried out.

10. Dare 2 Be Different Youth Branches and Victory Centre Churches must have someone technical on the team to ensure that as many pictures, videos, audio are taken and uploaded to the internet and the use of Social Media in your area of the world is IMPERATIVE, so as to keep with our goal of USING TECHNOLOGY  TO  WIN  THE  WORLD  FOR  CHRIST.

11. Your team MUST be aggressive and creative enough to raise funding support from followers and members to support ALL EXPENSES of the ministry without depending on the FATHER OFFICE in St. Kitts for help, unless in dire/critical need, especially with regards to tragedy and/or natural/national disaster.

12. It is MANDATORY that you first get written permission to let another printer anyway across the globe, print our Dare 2 Be Different International and/or Victory Centre Logos on products that our Office in St. Kitts / Approved Supplier in USA produces to avoid legalities of Copyright Infringement.

13. Other Policies May be added Gradually


1. You immediately get to use our GLOBAL  BRAND  that we would have built.

2. You get the support and ideas and authority of a WORLDWIDE  MINISTRY that started from Scratch and is recognized internationally.

3. You get Ministry Leaders from the Head Branch to travel to your country to conduct training sessions, technology in ministry courses, crusades, Vacation Bible School, camps etc

4. You have a global partner of prayer warriors supporting your work

5. You join a ministry that is all about networking and growing and expanding. Through our Mission Mobilization Program which is apart of our ministries, we believe in teaching and empowering members and supporters to get a skill and use their skills in order to make life and make money to support them and their families.

6. You get a FREE Customized Built Website similar to: or  to send your members and supporters to in your country in order to raise funds.

7. You get first preference to opening and owning a Dare 2 Be Different FRANCHISE in your island over any other applications. (Learn More about the Dare 2 Be Different Youth Franchise Opportunity at:

8. We will always choose CAST members from our worldwide branches to play key roles in our Positive Based Comedies, Gospel Based Cartoons, Real Life Movies, Documentaries that will be produced by our ministry.

9. Your Services (Audio) will feature for FREE on our Ministry Internet and Televion Stations (re-launching soon) and at a minimal cost for Internet TV (to help with tv expenses)

10. Our Father Office (Dare 2 Be Different Academy & Bible Institute) Provides Training in Screen Printing, Embroidery, Heat Press, Promotional Item Printing, Sewing, Agro-Processing, Computer Repair, Music in Ministry, Business Startup, Marketing, Counseling Services, Radio / TV Broadcasting, Website Design + More (All available with Certification to our Global Bodies at REDUCED  PRICING)

11. We are all about MISSIONS. Traveling the world, exchanging pulpit ministers among our Victory Centre and Dare 2 Be Different Youth Bodies. Giving youth a chance to camp and do ministry in different cultures.

WE  ARE  NOT  ABOUT  HOLDING  BACK  ANYONE.  WE  ARE  ALL  ABOUT  KINGDOM  BUILDING.  OUR  FOUNDER  KHRYSTUS  WALLACE,  knows how it is to be stifled and suffered under ministries that don't want the youth to progress, so he is totally OPPOSITE to that.

We believe that in order for Dare 2 Be Different International to make a Global Impact, our centres should lead people to Christ, Quickly Train and Equip them for Ministry and then send them out to multiply and establish more of our ministries and thus help to Spread the Gospel and Build The Kingdom of God!

Thank You for your interest in being apart of our Dare 2 Be Different International Team


Whatsapp: 869-661-0118

To Book our Founder: Khrystus Wallace to conduct training, preach at events/crusades, email him directly at:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Youth Team That Worked TOGETHER to take Dare 2 Be Different through the first 4 Years of our ministry - 2008-2012


Imagine - FOUR humble youth stuck it out TOGETHER - with NO  FUNDING  &  NO  CONSTANT  SUPPORT  FROM  ANY  MINISTRY and ENCOURAGED  THEMSELVES worked TOGETHER to grow our global network and be recognized GLOBALLY

Join Our Team - Open a Branch in your country and help us quickly accomplish God's Instruction to us to plant as many Dare 2 Be Different Youth Groups and Victory Centre churches across the GLOBE.